3-Year Warranty Now Applies To Zanolli Deck Ovens

In a continuation of our commitment to excellence, Cater-Bake is thrilled to announce the extension of our renowned 3-year warranty to include Zanolli Deck Ovens.


This milestone follows the successful introduction of the same warranty to Zanolli Conveyor Ovens last year, marking a significant moment in our 30-year journey and 25-year partnership with Zanolli.


The decision to extend the warranty coverage to Zanolli Deck Ovens reinforces our dedication to providing customers with unmatched quality and support. As the sole worldwide partner offering this extended warranty, we are proud to set a new standard in the industry.


Steven Lilley, Sales Director expressed his pride in the achievement, stating:

“To offer our customers a 3-year warranty on Zanolli Conveyor Ovens was an honour. Now, extending it to Zanolli Deck Ovens is an exciting progression. We are grateful to Zanolli and our incredible customer network for their continued support over the past 30 years.”


The extended warranty is a testament to Cater-Bake’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the durability of Zanolli products. For more information, contact info@cater-bake.co.uk.

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