TEOREMA POLIS. The result of 70 years of experience


Create your ideal oven based on the type of use. from pastry shops to bakeries and pizzerias. The key word is versatility!

Excellent performance is enabled by an innovative electronic control system with safe, easy-to-use controls.


The PRE-HEATING function pre-heats the oven in fast or slow mode.




“Teorema Polis is the pioneer of modular ovens with multiple baking settings.”


Cook any product evenly according to the broadest range of cooking standards.


You can decide whether to cook on a baking tray or directly on the oven floor and, in that case, opt for a refractory oven floor.


Depending on your needs, you can add an extractor hood and proofing chamber to your electric oven.





PERFECT FOR: · ANY KIND OF PIZZA · PASTRY AND BREAD · DELI BAKES. Suitable for baking in trays or directly on the floor surface · It transfers heat to the product in areas where there is direct contact · It retains the accumulated heat, releasing it slowly


PERFECT FOR: · PASTRY AND BAKERY · DELI BAKES · TRAY BAKE PIZZA. Suitable for baking in trays · It allows an air cushion to form under the tray. It reaches the set temperature rapidly and is sensitive to changes in the oven temperature and power settings.


“Designed and patented in 1982, it summarises the knowledge developed by Zanolli in the field of static modular ovens.”



” The combination of TEOREMA ÀNEMOS and TEOREMA POLIS is the perfect synthesis of quality, versatility and productivity. “

Choose the best cooking method for the best results. Excellent balance between quantity of production and quality of cooking.

Choose between the different models to size the oven according to your production, optimizing the energy used.




? For baking all types of pizza, bread and pastry
? Reliable even for long periods of operation
? Baking chambers can be stacked according to customer requirements
? Elegant and modern design
? Sophisticated but still easy to use



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