Zanolli Teorema Ànemos

The new fan pastry and bread oven with self-cleaning and core probe.


Great versatility and extremely small footprint

Satisfies all the needs of high-end pastry and bakery kitchens.

Ideal for small and medium-sized production.

Constant heat distribution, cooking the product evenly in all parts.

Convection enables reduced cooking times and lower cooking temperatures, with consequent energy savings.



“The specially designed ventilation system ensures superior and even baking.”



The Ànemos control panel.

The model with touch panel, self-clean system and core probe offers an infinite number of cooking options.

Designed for a production capacity of up to 10 trays, it can be combined with the Teorema Polis static oven.

Zanolli’s range of space-saving combi ovens offers unrivalled versatility.





” The combination of TEOREMA ÀNEMOS and TEOREMA POLIS is the perfect synthesis of quality, versatility and productivity. “

Choose the best cooking method for the best results thanks to a ventilated chamber with floors stacked in one or two static oven modules, for an excellent balance between quantity of production and quality of cooking.

And you can choose between the different models to size the oven according to your production, optimizing the energy used.




? The ventilation system ensures even heat distribution
? Latest generation control panel
? Up to 147 different cooking programs
? Excellent oven also for deli products
? Components are 100% made in Italy and are recyclable



To find out more or to purchase while stocks last, please get in touch with the team at 0151 548 5818 or email

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