The Emperor of Pizza Ovens: AVGVSTO®

 Innovation, aesthetics, power and distribution of heat make the new AVGVSTO® the Emperor of the Ovens.

Reach a maximum temperature of 500°c

It is available in the 6 and 9 pizzas version and the cooking chamber is fully lined with refractory ceramic.

There is no need to close your restaurant.
The Augusto oven can be delivered through any doorway and be installed and ready to use in just over an hour.


“Welcome to the future of baking, where ovens are designed for efficiency and precision.”



Welcome to the true revolution. A boutique oven of traditional Italian appeal, but with 500°C clean energy for less than 10 kW (average electrical power Kw/h).

The dome is available in five colours, copper, gold, red, white and blue and can also be provided unpainted to allow for a custom design to fit in with your premises

Additional accessories are available including an optional rack complete with peels




This patented system exploits the hot air that accumulates inside the hood.

AIR TRAP SYSTEM® creates an air barrier right before the mouth of the oven and keeps the heat inside the cooking chamber.

Energy saving: Up to 30% lower power consumption to keep the temperature inside the chamber, compared to an oven not equipped with this system.
?Perfect baking: The pizza is baked uniformly in any spot of the chamber
?Working ergonomics at the top: Thanks to the air barrier, the heat remains inside and does not surround the pizza maker during loading and unloading operations.



Capacity: 6 x 13” Pizzas
Power: 14.4kw
Dimensions: 1620x1800x2160
Maximum cooking temp: 500 degrees
Three Phase

Capacity: 9 x 13” Pizzas
Power: 19.2kw
Dimensions: 1910x2120x2180
Maximum cooking temp: 500 degrees
Three Phase


To find out more or to purchase while stocks last, please get in touch with the team at 0151 548 5818 or email

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