Cater-Bake Renames Kebab King Brand to KK Cooking

Cater-Bake UK have updated their advance into prime cooking equipment by transitioning their trademarked Kebab King brand name to KK Cooking, to include a wider range of equipment.

Cater-Bake, already well known for their Pizza and Bakery equipment, created the Kebab King brand when they launched their range of rotating kebab grills. Following that success, they started to add more cooking equipment to compliment the range, including gas and electric fryers, griddles, rotisserie and a compact gas pizza deck oven.

Sales Director Steven Lilley explained the change in presentation.
“The success of the new equipment’s has been a real positive for us. As they’ve reached the wider catering market, however, we realised that the Kebab King name didn’t appeal to many users outside of the take away sector. Therefore we’ve made the slight change in branding to accommodate these new machines as core products, rather than a supporting range.

Each new machine in the range is selected and rigorously tested in the marketplace before becoming part of our catalogue to ensure performance and reliability. We are currently testing the next hopeful additions to the range – watch this space.”

All new ranges are stocked in the Cater-Bake warehouse in the Northwest, ready for distribution. For details, please email or call 0151 5485818




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