The five best toppings for your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

It’s coming up to some of the most indulgent holidays in the year, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday – a day where us Brits can gorge on pancakes all day without judgement.

These events, filled with sweet treats, provide the perfect excuse to go fully inventive with your restaurant’s menu, allowing you to incorporate an array of desserts and confectionery onto your specials board.

So, if you’re planning on adding pancakes, crepes or waffles to your menu this Shrove Tuesday, we have collated our five favourite toppings for you to try out, alongside the ideal equipment needed to whip up the perfect pancake.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup, a topping we have crudely stolen from the Canadians, is a firm favourite on our shores. The sweet and sticky maple syrup makes for a perfect combination when teamed with a soft, warm pancake.

You cannot go wrong with drenching your pancakes in maple syrup, and is sure to satisfy those customers with even the sweetest tooth!

Nutella and Bananas

Instead of opting for a plain old sugared pancake, why not try something a bit more indulgent like family favourite – Nutella?

The chocolate hazelnut spread is the ideal topping for Pancake Day, simply wait until the chocolate is gooey, throw a couple of banana slices on there, wrap it up and there you go… perfection!

Ice Cream

On Shrove Tuesday, pancakes don’t just need to be enjoyed in the morning – if you’re offering pancakes all day, you could serve the dish as a more traditional dessert by pairing it with ice cream.

You could offer a selection of ice cream favours to ensure you are appealing to a range of preferences!

Whipped Cream

Not everyone likes the contrast of cold ice cream with warm pancakes, especially those with sensitive teeth. Sweet, but not too sweet and creamy but without the coldness. For this, whipped cream is an inspired alternative.

You can even make your own whipped cream recipes with our Universal Planetary Food Mixers, which can also be used to whip up your perfect batter mix. Why not try adding maple syrup and vanilla extract for a taste of something special?

Fresh Fruit

Pancakes don’t have to be all unhealthy, right? Fresh fruit choices go with all of our favourite toppings.

Bananas and chocolate, maple syrup and blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream, or even traditional sugar and lemon. Fruit can stop your customers worrying about all the sugar consumed this Shrove Tuesday!

Considering adding sweet or savoury pancakes to your menu? Take a look at our Electric Crepe Machine and Universal Planetary Food Mixers today.

Or for any more information on our range of products, contact Cater-Bake on 0151 548 5818 or drop us an email at

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