Product Focus: Zanolli 05/40 Compact Conveyor Oven

While the prospect of leaving lockdown is exciting for most hospitality businesses, there is still uncertainty on whether or not bars, pubs and restaurants will be allowed to fully open once December 3rd comes round.

Chances are some regions will return to a tier system, meaning pubs will only be allowed to reopen if they provide a hot meal offering.

If you own a pub, we’re here to help you reopen, even if your region is placed in a high tier. Cater-Bake would suggest the best way to implement catering services into your venue is by adding a compact conveyor oven.

Zanolli’s 05/40 Compact Conveyor Oven brings automated cooking in an ultra-compact form and can be easily installed in even the most limited of spaces.

The appliance boasts a simple electronic control panel-variable temperature and bake time, for ease of use and has a forced-air system for an even bake across the chamber.

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, the appliance has a 16” (40cm) wide belt and 22” (57cm) chamber length.

The conveyor is electric-powered only, single-phase as standard (3 phase on request), can be stacked three high and is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Take a look at the Zanolli product available through Cater-Bakehere and to make a purchase, get in touch today on 0151 548 5818.

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