How to open up your own pizzeria

It’s rare to find a person that doesn’t love pizza, it’s a world-renowned favourite and the Italian staple is growing in popularity and as a market trend year on year.

The fact that pizza can be adapted to suit its eater is the main reason for its success – Vegan? Swap the dairy cheese for a plant-based equivalent; Gluten-Free? Prepare dough with gluten-free flour; Hawaiian? Add pineapple to your list of toppings – any-thing goes when it comes to pizza.

Not only is it a favoured dish for the majority, it can also make for a profitable business venture. Cater-Bake is here to let you know why opening a pizzeria is a lucrative idea.

Why should I open a pizzeria?

It’s profitable

The beauty of pizza is its simplistic and cheap-to-source ingredient’s list. Made primarily of flour, yeast, tomato and cheese and even when paired with a range of toppings, you don’t need a lot of ingredients to create an extensive pizza menu. Cheap mass ingredients equates to a profitable outcome.

Limited Space Needed

Look at most takeaways, the majority are compact in size, and the premises reduce in size further when there is only one customisable item on the menu. Takeaway pizzerias don’t need large premises, just a kitchen space with ventilation and a counter.

It’s quick

It takes less than two minutes to put together a pizza and only 5 minutes to put in the oven. This is also why pizza is an ideal menu choice for lunchtime customers as the quick preparation and cooking time allows workers on their lunch break to grab a fulfilling meal in a short period of time.

What are the steps I need to take?

Find the premises

The first step above all is to find premises in a location suited to you but it’s also worth choosing an area where competition is light as you don’t want your pizza to be overshadowed by a rival’s.

Stock Up on Pizza Business Equipment

The reason pizzerias are so profitable and much easier to start up than other foodservice venues, is because of the simple kit setup. Appliance wise, there’s not a lot of equipment needed, just a high-quality fridge and freezer, dough mixer/prover, dough roller and pizza oven and you’re good to go!

Other inexpensive preparation supplies include pizza cutters, cutting boards, serving utensils, plates and thermal delivery bags and all of these items can be found on the Cater-Bake catalogue.

Get hiring!

Your employees are the face of your trade, so make sure you hire someone who is friendly, adaptable and eager to learn.

The advantage of opening a pizzeria is the fact that limited staff training is needed. With the right equipment, unskilled staff can prepare and cook a pizza. In particular, conveyor ovens are simple to use and even trainee catering staff can operate the appliance with ease to produce high quality, tasty pizzas.

Prepare your menu

Pizza is everywhere, so it’s key you are standing out from the crowd, have some imag-inative topping ideas, but most importantly, ensure you are using high-quality, fresh ingredients combined with premium equipment to get the best result.

Market your new pizzeria effectively!

Marketing your company shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, as locals are always excited when a new business opens up in the area.

Shout about your new pizzeria on socials, drop leaflets in letterboxes or do it the old fashioned way with conversation and before you know it the punters will be rolling in!

Contact Cater-Bake on 0151 548 5818 or drop us an email at for all pizza equipment needs and best of luck with the opening of your pizzeria!

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