Product Highlight: Pastaline Automatic Dough Divider & Rounder System

For a dish as popular as pizza it’s important that you’re prepared for an influx of orders.

However, in a high-performing commercial kitchen, it can be time consuming preparing the considerable amount of dough needed for a high-quantity of pizzas.

Fortunately, Pastaline’s Automatic Dough Divider and Rounder offers a marvellous time saving facility to high output kitchens and bakeries.

Available as a combined system or as two separate units, the dividing machine accurately portions the mix into pieces and the rounder machine then rolls into a tight ball.

This facility reduces labour costs and helps produce a consistent product. The portion size produced by the divider is regulated either by a timer or by a feeler pin for added accuracy (both facilities are available on the same machine).

Once portioned, the dough is dropped into the rounder. The pieces are then rolled up through the spiral rounding system then out onto a platform in a neatly rolled ball, ready to be placed in your dough trays for storage.

These machines are designed with quick disassembly in mind for easy cleaning.

Take a look at the appliance in more detail here:

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