The 5 best pasta shapes according to Cater-Bake

The UK is a nation of pasta lovers – from the nation’s favourite macaroni to lasagna, pasta bake to spag bol and all the other pasta dishes in between, it’s fair to say us Brits all love the Italian food staple.

That’s why when asked the best shape of pasta, it can be a topic as divisive as Brexit. Fortunately, as Italian food experts and Italian food equipment distributors we’re here to settle the debate, with what we feel are the five best pasta shapes that you can add to your restaurant’s menu.


It could be argued that ravioli doesn’t count as a pasta shape, but we disagree. The pillow shaped pasta can be packed with a range of fillings, making it one of the most versatile pasta shapes on our list.

Not only that but the pasta equivalent of dumplings, can be paired with a delicious variety of Italian-style sauces.


It’s a pasta type used in most restaurants because of its ability to mop up and collect a sauce. It is also one of the more aesthetically pleasing looking pasta variants.

Tagliatelle is one of the easiest pasta shapes to produce and that’s another reason why caterers love producing homemade tagliatelle for their dishes.


Penne, named after the stationery of the same name, is a cylinder shaped pasta mirroring the shape of a pen’s ink nib.

The extruded pasta may not seem like the most adventurous pasta shape but the beauty of it, is its ability to hold a sauce in its hollow tube.

It’s also a pasta that suits most dishes, ideal for a pasta bake or used as the base for a spaghetti bolognese – penne has it all.


One of the most unusual looking, but also one of the most popular on the list is farfelle.

The bow tie shaped pasta is perfect for kids and adults alike, making it the ideal pasta shape for a family-friendly restaurant.

It’s a pasta shape for the nostalgic and for those who prefer their pasta a little more al dente.


Lasagne sheets, or if you’re Italian just ‘lasagne’, has made it on the list for its ability to be cooked in a variety of dishes. Most commonly lasagne is used in a ricotta and spinach cannelloni or a hearty lasagna and it is ideal for those not looking for a heavy pasta dish, as its layers tend to take precedence.

And there you have it… those are the five best pasta shapes according to Cater-Bake!

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Its interchangeable pasta moulds produce different styles of pasta and its automatic cutting system with timer varies the size of the pieces to your specification.

The machines mix the pasta in the first stage, before extruding and cutting in the second.

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