Essential equipment needed for ‘Sourdough September’

There’s no better scent than the smell of freshly baked bread, and none better than the distinctive aroma of sourdough toast.

It was one of the top trending things to bake during lockdown and now we’re celebrating its existence on a month dedicated to the artisan loaf.

That’s right, running for the whole of the 30 days, Sourdough September is a ‘Real Bread Campaign’ honouring the specialised loaf and highlighting authentic bread-making.

And what better time to hone in on your Sourdough baking skills, than on Sourdough September? In this blog we’ll be showcasing the equipment guaranteed to help you and your restaurant rise to the occasion.

Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer by Kingfisher

Once the sourdough starter ingredients have been combined, left to ferment and kept ‘alive’ with regular feedings of flour and water, the dough is then ready to be mixed.

The Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer by Kingfisher is designed for upscale baking and will help the gluten development needed for an open crumb structured sourdough loaf.

The Kingfisher bakery mixer is built to a high level of durability in order to offer high production levels and is fitted with twin speed and timers for extra production efficiency.

Fitted with stainless steel bowl, guard and spiral the mixer has 2 motors, one to drive the bowl and one for the mixing spiral.

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Commercial Dough Proofer & Heating Cabinets by GEMM

When proving sourdough, it is essential that temperature is kept consistent. Not only does this affect the timing of the fermentation process, but it also affects how well the yeasts and bacteria ingest the sugars.

By using a commercial dough proofer/heating cabinet you can precisely control temperature, which will above all help you control the flavour.

Italian manufacturer GEMM provides a range of dough proofer and heating cabinets, used during the baking process to help produce the perfect sourdough.

Dough proofer cabinets can be programmed to control the proving cycle, setting the required temperature and relative humidity. This helps reduce night work and saves time/costs.

“Cold stage” for conservation and “warm stage” to facilitate proofing and stages are controlled with an easy to use electronic panel. The uniformed air distribution also helps create the perfect rise.

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Lilliput Bake off Convection Oven with Steam by Zanolli

For your sourdough loaf to rise to perfection it’s beneficial that steam is used within the cooking process. Steam in the oven, and subsequently on the surface of your loaves, helps the dough expand and extend before strengthening, the steam also helps keep the crust stretchy allowing for a consistent cook throughout the loaf.
The Lilliput is a convection oven has been designed to bake an extensive range of doughs including croissants, cakes, pizzas, pastries and fresh, frozen or par baked bread, including sourdough.

With its attractive design and the compact dimensions, it fits conveniently into your kitchen and gives you a fresh product output. Thanks to its easy to use controls it allows less experienced operators to achieve a professional baking standard.

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If you’ve not got sourdough on your menu yet, then why not?

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