Introducing the Fimar ‘Health Division’ range

In June, one of our leading manufacturers, Fimar announced its new range of Health Division supplies for the foodservice and retail industries.

The range is packed with useful supplies that can help all businesses create a safe environment for customers and employees. As the leading UK distributor for the Italian brand, we are on hand to help your business reopen safely with Fimar’s high-quality range of supplies.

For our customers to see the range in all its glory, we have decided to list the products, in detail, on this blog.

So, what supplies are available?

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

Sanitising stations are regular fixtures in most businesses following the Covid-19 outbreak – and this stand for hand sanitiser dispensers is ideal for any company looking to house a hygiene station.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the stand has an adjustable height of 1200mm – 1600mm. Designed for housing the Fimar HC-FG2002 or HC-1209 automatic dispensers.

Automatic Dispenser

Sanitiser is effective at reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses like Covid-19. The automatic dispensers from Fimar are even more effective than most as they don’t require a physical push like many other dispensers on the market.

Manufactured from antibacterial ABS plastic, the dispensers have a capacity of up to 800cc. The models include the HC-FG2002 or the HC-1209.

Hygiene Station With Gloves and Sanitiser Gel Holder and Rubbish Bin

We’ve already touched upon the importance of hygiene stations within a work environment, but it is also key that businesses have appropriate waste stations.

This Fimar hygiene station is manufactured in stainless steel 430, consists of a stand with holder for gloves and sanitising gel as well as a rubbish bin, that is available in two sizes.

Sanitising Alcoholic Gel

Best accompanied with the HC-FG2002 or the HC-1209 automatic dispensers, this sanitising alcoholic gel with high alcohol content (amounting to 70%) allows a fast and easy sanitisation.

The solution is easy drying and pleasantly smelling, allowing repeated applications without unpleasant effects. (Minimum order: 6 x 500ml pcs box or 20 x 500ml pcs box or 5l tank.)

Disposable Stick Gel

This easy to use disposable stick gel contains 60% alcohol and requires no water, removing bacteria present on the hands without irritating the skin – leaving behind no grease or stains.

The non-aggressive gel has a hydro-alcoholic base, antimicrobial properties and hydrates the skin, leaving hands pleasantly scented. (Disposable packaging, sold in 200 pcs box.)

Sanitiser with Hydrogen Peroxide

This cleaning solution can be used on a range of surfaces – the sanitiser is ready to use and is pleasant smelling. The solution is compliant with the Ministry of Health’s Protocol no. 5443 which indicates sanitisers should have a 0.5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, minimum, as well as an appropriate contact time on surfaces. The solution is also suitable for use in the HACCP field.

Room Sanitiser

The Fimar room sanitiser is a hydrogen peroxide treatment for effective room sanitisation. The appliance can set programs with a delayed start time, as well as signal when a cycle has ended.

The nebulisation duration changes according to the room’s size (in cubic meters – about 1 minute per 18 cbm). The operator must wait 20 minutes after the nebulisation treatment is over, before re-entering the room.

Power absorbed = 850 W – treatment capacity up to 500 cbm for application – tank capacity 1.5l.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp

The Fimar Ultraviolet Lamp is ideal for creating a safe workplace environment, especially in areas more vulnerable to contagion. The lamp produces Ultra-Violet UVC light and the germicidal effect is due to the destructive effect exerted by UVC radiation on the DNA of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, mould and mites.

The germicidal ultraviolet lamp is made of quartz, CE certified, 38 W – 220 V, suitable for rooms up to 40m2, with remote control. (Any utilisation in the presence of persons or animals is severely forbidden.)

Forehead Infrared Thermometer

This wall-mounted infrared thermometer boasts an accuracy of a ±0.2°C 5-second response time – measuring distance 5cm – 10cm approx with an environment temperature of 10-40°C (recommended temperature range is 15-35°C).

Power is supplied by a USB cable charger (included) or batteries (Lithium 18/650, not included). It can also be removed from the wall with ease.

Sneeze Guards

Fimar’s sneeze guards are suitable for a range of commercial environments including work desks, reception counters, bar counters and many more.

Guards are manufactured in 3mm transparent compact polycarbonate with adhesive supports.

(Documents pass-through arc opening width: 700 mm.)


The degreaser solution is ready to use, quick applying with high cleaning power. It is ideal for use on surfaces with grease, oil and charred residues.

It is especially suitable for professional equipment such as fryers, cooking plates, meat grinders, etc and is suitable for all washable surfaces. On application, the solution also releases a pleasant odour. (Suitable for use in the HACCP field.)

For any other information about the Fimar ‘Health Division’ range, or to order supplies, please contact Cater-Bake’s Head of Sales, Steven Lilley on

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