How to reopen your business safely

On July 4th, many restaurants across the UK finally reopened their doors to the long awaiting general public, who were all keen to eat and drink in their favourite local eateries.

But despite the great turnout, many businesses are still weighing up their options and are still preparing, or are in the process, of reopening their business.

Here at Cater-Bake, we’re strong supporters of the foodservice industry getting back on its feet, which is why we want to help any way we can. That is also why, we are here to help you reopen with our high-quality range of supplies, with our partner manufacturer, Fimar.

What do we know?

The Government has approved the reopening of hospitality venues, on the grounds that the right health and safety rules are in place in the venue.

The guidelines state that there is a restriction of how many people are allowed in at one time, menu items should be reduced to minimise cross-contamination of ingredients and frequent cleaning routines should be enforced to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Those serving or working with food have also been told they have to wear adequate PPE, such as masks or face guards, etc.

What we’re providing

To aid enforcement of the Government’s guidelines, Cater-Bake is well stocked with Fimar’s ‘Health Division’ range, complete with all the supplies you need to reopen your business safely.

In order to keep a clean, hygienic environment, the HD range includes an array of cleaning and sanitising supplies for both personal and workplace hygiene.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Fimar has ‘sneeze guards’ which are suitable for a range of commercial environments including work desks, reception counters and bar counters, etc.

The Government has also insisted on the use of hand sanitiser stations, within a venue. Most eateries are placing stations with the entrance of the premises so that customers have immediate access to hand cleaning facilities. But if you do have a larger venue, additional hygiene stations should also be incorporated. The Hygiene Stations and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stands by Fimar are ideal for venues and reduce the spread of viruses like Covid-19.

For any other information about the Fimar ‘Health Division’ range, or to order supplies, please contact Cater-Bake’s Head of Sales, Steven Lilley on

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