Why conveyor ovens are perfect for takeaways

With fewer people shopping at supermarkets for their evening meals, the demand for takeaway food is higher than ever.

The general public has turned to their local fast food outlets for a delicious dinner. But how can you make your takeaway stand out above the rest?

The key to staying ahead of the competition is through delivering high-quality, tasty dishes, which can only be completed by using high-quality catering appliances. The most important being conveyor ovens.

Conveyor ovens are ideal in fast-food environments such as takeaways, bar food and cafes. The ease-of-use oven offers speed and quality and can be used to serve up many types of takeaway foods.

Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven

For restaurants looking to start their takeaway service, or takeaways aiming to ramp up their operation, the Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven is a vital piece of equipment that will guarantee high-quality dishes.

Cooking a pizza in just four minutes, the Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven is perfect for developing a successful takeaway service by increasing the user’s production levels without affecting the quality of the food.

The ease-of-use means the oven can be operated effectively by unskilled workers, saving the operation time on any training and maximising the efficiency of staff.

Available in both gas and electric, there is a conveyor oven in the range to suit all operations. The ovens come in different belt widths, from countertop to freestanding and all ovens can also be easily cleaned through disassembly.

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