The best takeaway initiatives during lockdown 

We’re all ready to see our favourite bars and restaurant reopen. But until the lockdown is lifted, the public will have to cope with the second-best option available: home delivery and online alternatives.

Despite being restricted to a delivery service, many businesses have gone above and beyond to bring the restaurant setting to their customer’s homes and here at Cater-Bake, we’ve been ever so impressed with the creative adaptations. So much so, we’ve rounded up our favourite takeaway initiatives that have taken place during the lockdown.

Sunday roast deliveries 

If there’s anything us Brits love more than a cup of tea, then it’s a Sunday roast and pubs and restaurants across the nation have excelled in delivering these favoured dishes to customers’ homes.

The only problem is, a Sunday dinner can take all day to prepare, which is why customers are ordering from those who have the resources, skill and manpower to get you your favourite dish in under an hour.

During lockdown, it’s been easy to forget what day we’re on. But, Sunday dinner will always be marked on the week’s calendar.

Cocktail masterclasses 

From an Espresso Martini, to Pina Colada, whatever your tipple, there’s one thing for certain… we’re all missing an after-work or weekend cocktail.

But now, customers can have an expertly made cocktail from home, as some bars and bartenders across the country are hosting cocktail masterclasses so their customer can have their best-loved drinks at home.

Take a look at this apple and elderflower cooler cocktail masterclass from Red Door in Liverpool here.

Bakery deliveries

It might just be the best thing since sliced bread… since lockdown was placed on March 23rd, bakeries across Britain have been delivering freshly baked goods to their local customers.

Despite there being a national pandemic, the bakery deliveries mean the public don’t have to miss out on the finest bakery grub. Customers can still tuck into traditional soft loaves, fresh pastries, rolls, cakes and tarts now that bakeries are home delivering.

Here at Cater-Bake, we’re helping restaurants and takeaways serve the nation as best they can with key pieces of equipment that will help home deliveries run smoothly. 

If you would like to place an order, please contact our UK Head of Sales, Steven Lilley, at or give us a call on 0151 548 5818.

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