The importance of a good pizza prep station for speed of service

In the heat of a hectic restaurant rush hour, catering staff need to be on the ball to make sure everything is prepped, cooked and quality checked so the order can leave the kitchen on time.

But it doesn’t matter how on the ball catering staff are, if the correct catering equipment isn’t it place. Dishes can’t be prepared on time or bursting with flavour if there is a lack of quality preparation equipment. This is where Cater-Bake comes in…

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, our restaurant pizza prep tables and counters are ideal for pizzerias, restaurants and takeaways everywhere. We have a number of outstanding prep counters, perfect for a range of venues and needs. 

Kingfisher PZ Refrigerated Prep Counters

These high-quality pizza prep counters have a granite work surface, independently chilled toppings rail and refrigerated cupboards to fit either 60 x 40mm shelves or dough trays. 

The luxurious granite work surface makes it a favourite amongst pizza chefs. As well as the granite worktop, the rest of the counter is made from high-quality AISI304 stainless steel and a steel framework.

Fimar SH Refrigerated Prep Counters 

Ideal for pizzerias and fast food outlets, these counters have a stainless steel work area and are built to fit 1/3GN containers, which can be used to place an array of pizza toppings.

The cupboards underneath are refrigerated for extra storage space. Build characteristics include an interior and exterior built from high-grade AISI304 stainless steel, working height of 85mm, electronic control thermostat with automatic operation, 50mm CFC free insulation and magnetic snap-in gaskets. All models come fitted with wheels as standard and each cupboard is supplied with one adjustable shelf.

Restaurant Pizza Prep Tables

If you require something a little more simplified, Cater-Bake’s restaurant pizza prep tables, manufactured from high-quality stainless steel provide a spacious environment to prepare orders. 

Built from high quality 1.2mm 304 stainless steel, the table has an extra durable reinforced structure, with adjustable bullet feet. These tables also have an under shelf of 1.00mm 304 stainless steel and are available with or without a 13cm splashback (on wall bench models).

The restaurant pizza prep tables come in flat-pack form for easy assembly on site.
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