Cater-Bake is celebrating National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day is nearly upon us meaning we will have the perfect excuse to tuck into a huge cheesy pizza (as if we needed an excuse).  

On February 9th, National Pizza Day will be celebrated across the UK, providing the perfect opportunity for pizza lovers to demolish the cheesy classic. 

Whether it’s deep-pan, thin or stuffed crust, pizza is a timeless dish and deserves a whole day dedicated to its existence. 

On this truly blessed day, Cater-Bake has listed the four ways to enjoy this worldwide favoured, Italian-born dish. 

Stuffed Crust

Recognised as a fairly new phenomenon, the stuffed crust first made its debut in the nineties, by Pizza Hut; it is now a pizza customisation favoured worldwide. Key crust fillings include cheese, garlic butter, marinara and sausage, all of which prolong the main flavours of a pizza.

The actual creation of stuffing a crust can be a timely affair, but you can reduce the time it takes to roll up the dough by incorporating the Zanolli Pizza Press into your commercial kitchen. The pizza press automates the traditional work of pizza makers, enabling them to produce perfectly round pizza bases (400 an hour) saving important time for the inventive stuffing of the crust. Simply layer your chosen topping round the edge of the pizza and roll over and bake to perfection. 

Deep Pan 

Made globally popular by Pizza Hut, deep-pan is a style of pizza best associated with America and defined by its thick, doughy base and sizeable crusts. The pizza base gets its name by its style of cooking, whereby the dough, sauce and toppings are placed in a well-oiled pan and baked to perfection, creating a buttery, pan-fried taste. 

Make sure your dough rises to the occasion with Cater-Bake’s Kebab King 4+4 Gas Pizza Oven that fits four 12” panned pizzas, on each deck. 

Thin and crispy

It is acknowledged as the OG of pizzas and credited as being the original Italian pizza. The thin and crispy style of pizza is distinct by its stretched dough base and light, crispy crust. Arguably one of the hardest pizza bases to get right, when made too thinly, the pizza can tear or sog under the weight of the pizza toppings. 

In order to produce the ideal consistency, use Cater-Bake’s Fimar Pizza Dough Roller which quickly rolls out dough balls into thin discs, ready to add the toppings. 


Is it bread, is it pizza? Who knows, but it is delicious and its dough-topped components make it qualify for the pizza category. Unlike the traditional pizzas listed previously, the focaccia flatbread varies due to the fact it is rarely topped with a marinara or sauce. 

Instead, the thick, spongy dough is transfused with herbs and coated with olive oil before baking. It is then layered with cheeses, roasted vegetables and additional herbs and spices, the minimal toppings draw attention to the quality and consistency of the dough base. Usually fed as a starter, this pizza variant is also ideal as a side or accompaniment to a soup or broth, or even enjoyed on its own as a main. 

However you choose to enjoy your pizza on this National Pizza Day, make sure you are producing the best quality dough with Cater-Bake’s range of pizza equipment. Click here to view more. 

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