Perfect your bakes this Christmas

Restaurants everywhere are gearing up for the festive season, churning out their dessert menus at full speed. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to be well-equipped and geared up. At Cater-Bake we have listed our festive favourites alongside the equipment best used to prepare these sweet treats.


At Cater-Bake, we are big on Italian food and we think you should be too. Why not inject some Mediterranean festivity to your menu and add Panettone? Golden in colour, the sweet, buttery bread is fluffy and soft, packed with succulent dried fruit. 

To create batches of light and airy bread mix, use the Universal Planetary Mixer by Kingfisher, a sturdy machine used by chefs and bakers for mixing a wide range of products, but particularly ideal for bread and dough. 

All mixers are supplied with a stainless steel bowl and a set of tools including a dough hook, beater blade and wire whisk.

Other features include:

  • 3-speed gearbox gives you the versatility to do various mixing jobs.
  • Safety switches on bowl guards and bowl lift ensure user safety.
  • Emergency stop button also fitted.


Mince Pies 

A festive dessert menu is not a festive dessert menu if it does not include mince pies. Love them or hate them, they are a staple dish at this time of year. Convert a mince pie non-believer with Zanolli’s Lilliput oven, bound to create a whole host of perfectly baked, spiced-fruit-filled pastry tarts. 

The Lilliput convection oven is a commercial kitchen essential at this time of year, conceived to bake cakes, pizzas, pastries and fresh, frozen or part-baked bread – with ample space for a multitude of mince pies. 

These ovens are mainly designed for back bar, confectioneries, snack bars, supermarkets and cafes. But, with its attractive design and the compact dimensions, it wouldn’t be out of place in a front-of-house setting either. 

Have a Christmas temp in? Not to worry, due to its simplified controls, even less experienced operators can achieve a professional baking standard.

Other features include:

  • Halogen lamps for easy viewing of your baking.
  • Timer and high-quality thermostat.
  • Automatic reversal of ventilation for perfectly even baking results.
  • Rounded corners in the baking chamber for easy cleaning.
  • Steam injection unit included.
  • High-quality stainless steel build.
  • Side-mounted access door.

Christmas Pudding 

Fancy something traditional and popular? A Christmas pudding is a luxurious dessert experience, packed with juicy currants and finished with marzipan, topped off with a sweet white icing exterior. 

It is complemented even further with its boozy counterpart, brandy sauce, which is a perfect balance for the pudding. A top tip is to use the same spirit in the sauce that has been used in the pudding, to get the best combination of flavours.
Whip up a delicious spirited sauce with Fimar’s stick blender. Manufactured in Italy for dependable quality, these handheld stick blenders give your kitchen a versatile tool to create a wide range of sauces, purees, batters and much more. The range of uses our mixers possess means they can be housed in every professional kitchen. Variable speed versions include a whisk attachment for even more possibilities.

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