5 Festive Pizza Toppings to Add to Your Menu This Christmas

It’s not a food people often associate with Christmas, but pizza should not be disregarded this time of year! There are many ways to festive-fy your pizzeria’s offering and Cater-Bake have listed our favourites because let’s be honest, anything and everything goes with pizza. 

Turkey and Stuffing

It is the perfect Christmas pairing and is enjoyed all over the Western world, some may use it in a leftover sandwich, but why not go one better and place it on a pizza? Turkey and stuffing is a worldwide favourite for a reason and although it is recognised for its dry qualities, when placed on a pizza there is an added moistness. 

If you wanted to be really adventurous, you could swap the tomato base for gravy and crumble some pistachios on for an added crunch. For the gravy, put the roasting tin with the turkey juices over high heat and add stock and herbs for extra flavour. 

Brie and Cranberry

Brie and cranberry are a match made in heaven; primarily, the pairing is enjoyed as an appetiser, on a loaf, or with crackers. However, one way to make the dish a ‘main’ is by employing it on a pizza. 

It is a rich, sweet and festive combination. Bringing together deliciously rich and oozy baked brie and complementing it with a tart, tangy cranberry sauce. With a texture similar to marinara and stringy mozzarella, brie and cranberry makes a surprisingly good pizza topping and would be a perfect fit for your restaurant’s festive menu. 

Pigs in Blankets & Sriracha Mayo

In a bid to appeal to festive thrill-seekers, restaurants could team the nation’s favourite Christmas side with the nation’s favourite dish. Pigs in blankets on pizza may sound a little sickly, but Christmas is a time for indulging. 

For many, those mini sausages wrapped in bacon are what makes Christmas, to make it a dish worth printing on your festive menu and for those looking for a little added spice, why not team the pigs in blankets with a lashing of sriracha mayo? The fruity heat complements the succulent wrapped meat and makes it a pizza to remember. 

Nut-roast, Spinach and Mushroom 

It may seem like a vegetarian Christmas cliche, but it is treasured by veggies for a reason. The rich warming herbs and spices of the nut-roast is festivity in a loaf and its ability to crumble makes it a perfect pizza topping. 

The nut-roast is best accompanied with other veg and the real festive flavours are brought out in the roast when the topping is featured alongside soft, tender flavours like mushroom and spinach. 

Feta, Garlic & Rosemary New Potatoes and Walnuts

Potato on a pizza?! It might sound like a carb overload, but if you want to fill your diners, this is the way to do it. Feta, garlic and rosemary are the ultimate trio and toasted walnuts make a delicious addition when scattered over the top. 

The soft texture of the feta and potato is lifted with the crunch of the walnuts. The rustic flavours create a festive feeling, even on a pizza dish…

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Merry Crust-mas from us all at Cater-Bake!

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