The Great British Bake Off Effect: The Baking Equipment You Need For Your Commercial Kitchen

It’s that time of year again, the one where accidental baking fans lure around the TV set at 8 pm on a Tuesday night.

We are on the third week of The Great British Bake Off which means only one thing… the UK public are well into their baking fever! If you’re a restaurant owner and have GBBO fans in, they’re going to be expecting nothing less than perfect – which means no soggy bottoms in sight!

Cater-Bake is on hand to help the foodservice industry develop their own savoury bakes. We have a range of catering equipment available for preparing the perfect dough, batter, and mixture to complement your flavoursome masterpieces.

It was bread week in last night’s episode, so we have listed the staple equipment needed for your eatery…

Kingfisher’s Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixers

Perfect for mixing a variety of dough for use in bakeries, high output pizzerias, restaurants, and naan bread factories etc. These bakery mixers are built to a high level of durability in order to offer high production levels with total reliability.

  • Mixers are fitted with twin speed and timers for extra production efficiency.
  • All models have two motors, one to drive the bowl and one for the mixing spiral.
  • Fitted with stainless steel bowl, guard and spiral. Safety switch fitted to bowl guard.
  • Three-phase power supply required for all models.

Other sizes are available on request.

Pastaline’s Automatic Dough Divider & Rounder System

In a fast performing commercial kitchen, it can be time-consuming preparing a considerable amount of dough needed for various bakes. Pastaline’s Automatic Dough Divider and Rounder offer a marvelous time-saving facility to high output kitchens and bakeries.

Available as a combined system or as two separate units, the dividing machine accurately portions the mix into pieces and the rounder machine then rolls into a tight ball.

This facility reduces labour costs and helps produce a consistent product. The portion size produced by the divider is regulated either by a timer or by a feeler pin for added accuracy (both facilities are available on the same machine).

Once portioned, the dough is dropped into the rounder. The pieces are then rolled up through the spiral rounding system then out onto a platform in a neatly rolled ball, ready to be placed in your dough trays for storage. These machines are designed with quick disassembly in mind for easy cleaning.

Zanolli Teorema Polis – Bakery Oven

So you now have the perfect dough, in order to perfect the bake, the mixture needs to be teamed with a high-performing oven.

The Teorema Polis electric, bakery ovens by Zanolli sum up the current know-how in the field of electronically controlled modular ovens. Fitted with easy to manage controls with programmable memory, a high-quality structure and pleasing design. The durable stainless steel build ensures lasting good looks and easy cleaning.

Metal baking floors (ideal for trays) or a refractory stone floor (for baking directly on the sole) are available. Designed to meet all production demands, these ovens can be fitted with steam injection and can be supplied with a prover base.

The ovens are available with both high crown and low crown baking chambers to suit your product range. Ovens are modular, so each deck is supplied individually. Ovens can be bought as a single unit or can be stacked two, three or four units high.

The ovens are built for use with metric 60cm x 40cm trays.

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