How to create the perfect pasta

Although it may seem like a time-consuming pursuit, everyone knows the taste of fresh pasta is incomparable its shop-bought equivalent. 

Cater-bake offer an array of specialist pasta makers, which provide an essential investment for Italian restaurants or any eatery that wishes to produce their own delicious artisan pasta. 

The demand for this staple dish is on the rise, so it’s important your kitchen has pasta on its menu. Utilising your own pasta maker, means its possible for you to be in direct control of pasta quality and the type made. 

Pasta, despite its worldwide popularity, only requires a simple 3 part recipe, including – all purpose flour, eggs and salt. From tagliatelle to penne, here are the machines that will help you create every pasta dish imaginable; available in hand-controlled or electric driven models for accuracy, speed and quantity.

Fimar Fresh Pasta Machine

The Fimar pasta machine is the perfect solution for any chef needing an array of pasta in various shapes. With this machines facility, you can ensure that your pasta is produced fresh and to the quality that you need, in order to deliver the most authentic tasting Mediterranean dishes.

The interchangeable pasta moulds included within, produce different styles of pasta and the automatic cutting system with timer varies the size of the pieces to suit your specification. The machines mix the pasta in the first stage, before extruding and cutting in the second.

The machine is built in Italy, the pasta capital, to an exacting specification, including a stainless steel hopper and mixing blade.

Fimar Pasta Rollers

The Fimar Pasta Roller is the preferred choice for those who prefer more free rein with their homemade pasta. The structure, which is fully made of stainless steel, with mirror polished stainless steel rollers provides the foolproof way to stretch, cut and shape the variety of pasta types available.

Once shaped, using either of the products above, add a small pinch of salt to the boiling water and add your fresh pasta. Unlike the packaged alternative, fresh pasta does not take more than a few minutes to cook. 

Transfer the pasta from your boiling water and drain well, serving the dish with a complementary sauce. Although the best thing about pasta is its ability to be accompanied with almost anything; to really draw out the flavours, serve the Italian staple with fresh basil pesto, a homemade marinara or creamy sauce – depending on preference.

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