The World’s Longest Focaccia

Cater-Bake love sharing positive news with you all and we are pleased to announce that one of our partner brands, Zanolli, was recently involved in a Guinness World Record challenge!

Zanolli recently contributed one of their Synthesis conveyor ovens to the Guinness World Record challenge for the world’s longest focaccia, which took place at the Piazza Grande shopping centre in Piove Di Sacco in collaboration with l’Origano, Tess LTD and Molino Rossetto.

With a team of 15, staff managed to make an impressive 169 metre-long focaccia bread and cook it in one of the Zanolli Synthesis conveyor ovens, which in total took an astonishing seven hours to complete.

Together, the team had to carefully manoeuvre the incredibly long focaccia bread through the conveyor oven to ensure that it didn’t fall apart during the cooking process, avoiding any wrong moves that could potentially lead to a fail.

Fortunately, everyone’s hard work paid off and the focaccia made it out of the other side cooked and still in one piece, meaning the challenge was successfully completed and a world record was broken!

The Zanolli Synthesis conveyor oven, which is a product we stock here at Cater-Bake, is a tunnel modular oven that can cook a range of foods from pizza to grilled vegetables and pastry.

Users are able to set the desired speed of movement of the conveyor once the temperature has been set and there is no need to check the product during cooking, as the oven pushes the food away from the heat preventing it from burning.

The Synthesis tunnel modular ovens are all stackable for maximum productivity and during low productivity, there is the option to use just one cooking module which can help to achieve significant energy savings.

As well as this, the Synthesis ovens can reach a maximum temperature of 320 degrees celsius and can produce perfect cooking results due to the ventilation system.

Zanolli, which is primarily based in Italy, specialises in a range of commercial catering equipment such as pizza and bakery ovens, dough mixers, divider rounders and many other related products, with Cater-Bake being the sole UK distributor for the manufacturer.

From everyone at Cater-Bake, we would like to congratulate Zanolli on this fantastic achievement and a big well done to everyone who was involved!

To view our range of Zanolli products, including the Synthesis ovens, click the link where you can find out more about each product.

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