Cater-Bake visit Italy for new product launch!

We at Cater-Bake think it is important that we keep up-to-date with our partner manufacturers as much as we can, so we were thrilled when we were recently invited over to Italy by Zanolli for their latest product launch!

Mark Hutchings, Cater-Bake’s Managing Director, and Steven Lilley, Head of UK Sales, headed out to Italy to the Zanolli factory for the launch of Zanolli’s newest oven, the Augusto electric pizza oven, which has the ability to cook authentic, Neapolitan wood-fired style pizzas in just 90 seconds but without the need for wood.

The innovative oven is dome shaped and can reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees celsius, and also has a special Air Trap System. This works by blowing the air out to hold the heat and traps the heat inside so that it cannot escape from the oven.

As well as this, the Augusto oven can also benefit chefs and bakers by being cost-effective and ensuring 30% savings in energy consumption.

During their visit, Mark and Steven also got to sample the pizza cooked by the Augusto oven as well as traditional Italian wine, and were also treated to a trip to Lake Garda and Verona.

Steven Lilley, Head of UK Sales at Cater-Bake, said: “We were delighted to be invited over to Italy for the launch of the new Zanolli Augusto electric pizza oven, which is the latest generation of Zanolli ovens. After seeing the oven in action, myself and Mark were really impressed with how it functions and the end result, which was a delicious, Italian, wood-fired pizza that only took a minute-and-a-half to cook.

“At Cater-Bake, we aim to maintain the regular flow of communication between ourselves and our partner brands as much as possible, so our recent visit to Italy was the perfect opportunity for us to find out about the latest updates, news and any other important things we need to know. We had a brilliant time in Italy and would like to thank Zanolli for inviting us over for their latest product launch.”

Along with Cater-Bake, several European representatives and wholesalers in pizza and bakery equipment also attended the launch to learn more about this fantastic piece of equipment.

Zanolli are well known for their wide range of high quality pizza and bakery ovens, and Cater-Bake are pleased to be the sole UK supplier for the brand, stocking several of their oven models as well as the Devil Pizza Press, which was launched last year.

The Augusto oven is available in five different colours and will be available to purchase from Cater-Bake shortly, where the product will be individually manufactured to suit the client’s needs.

Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

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