Cater-Bake unveil new Kebab King oven!

Cater-Bake has recently introduced the new Kebab King Gas Pizza Oven to its wide selection of pizza and bakery equipment, which is the second product to join the Kebab King range.

The Kebab King oven is ideal for takeaways, pizzerias or mobile vans looking to serve up delicious fresh pizzas and gives fantastic cooking results every time. Suitable for baking either with or without pans, the oven can fit 4 x 13-inch pizzas or 4 x 12-inch pizzas in pans on each deck.

The baking floor is made from a refractory stone, with the twin decks making brilliant use of space and taking up less room than a traditional single deck gas oven.

The oven temperature is controlled by a high-quality thermostat with a range of 0-400°C and is displayed by a thermometer on the control panel, allowing instant viewing of the oven’s temperature.

Built to a high standard, the doors and fascia are made from stainless steel for an attractive appearance and the baking chamber is also made entirely from stainless steel. As well as this, the high-quality stainless steel burners ensure high performance and reliability whilst being excellent for the economy.

The 4+4 oven can run on either natural gas or LPG and has removable feet, with a reduced height of 79cm to fit through a standard door during delivery.

The oven is the latest product within the Kebab King range after the launch of the Kebab King grill last year, which has proved popular amongst takeaway outlets and restaurants specialising in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Steven Lilley, Head of UK Sales at Cater-Bake, said: “After the success of the Kebab King grill last year, we have now introduced the new Kebab King Gas Pizza Oven which is ideal for takeaways and other establishments serving up freshly-made pizzas.

“Cater-Bake is the sole UK supplier for Kebab King and we are proud to offer high-quality equipment made for the takeaway and casual dining markets which is efficient, reliable and durable.”

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