Cater-Bake’s bakery equipment essentials

At Cater-Bake, we are passionate about the bakery industry and have developed long-lasting relationships with our bakers, providing high quality bakery equipment for various food outlets.

The bakery sector is one of the largest markets in the food industry today and Cater-Bake is proud to stock a range of bakery equipment from some of the industry’s most well-known manufacturers within the sector.

For bakers who require new equipment, Cater-Bake is here to help with our wide range of bakery essentials that every baker needs in their kitchen…

Bakery ovens

For baking fresh, delicious bread and other bakery treats, Cater-Bake stock two heavy-duty bakery ovens from Italian manufacturer, Zanolli; the Zanolli Teorema Polis Bakery Oven and the Zanolli Lilliput Bake-off Convection Oven.

The Teorema Polis bakery oven is electric and is the perfect example of electronically controlled modular ovens. Available with either metal baking floors ideal for trays or refractory stone floors for baking directly on the sole, this bakery oven can be fitted with steam injection and can be supplied with a prover base. Ovens are modular and can be bought as a single unit or can be stocked two, three or four units high.

The Zanolli Lilliput oven however, is ideal for baking bread as well as croissants, cakes, pizzas and pastries. With easy to use controls, the oven also has halogen lamps for easy viewing of baking, automatic reversal of ventilation for perfectly even baking results and rounded corners within the baking chamber for easy cleaning.

For smaller foodservice outlets, Cater-Bake stock the Fimar Mini Convection Oven which offers a range of features. These include eight cooking functions including static, convection, grill and defrost, an automatic humidifier with energy regulator and a fan.

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Dough mixers and rollers

For bakers looking for a dough mixer or roller, Cater-Bake stock a range of mixers from the likes of Pastaline, Fimar and Kingfisher. From Pastaline, we stock the brilliant Automatic Dough Divider and Rounder System which is available as a combined system or as two separate units. The machine accurately portions the mix into pieces and the rounder machine then rolls this into a tight ball. Once portioned, the dough is dropped into the rounder and the pieces are then rolled up through the spiral rounding system then out onto the platform in the shape of a neatly rolled ball, ready to be placed in dough trays for storage.

When it comes to mixers, Cater-Bake stock two from Kingfisher – the Universal Planetary Food Mixer and the Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer. The Planetary Food Mixer is able to mix a wide range of products including bread, pizza, cookie and biscuit dough, cake and sponge mix, whipped cream and meringue and much more. All mixers are supplied with a stainless steel bowl and a set of tools including dough hook, beater blade and wire whisk.

Kingfisher’s Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer can also mix a variety of dough for use in bakeries, high output pizzerias and other establishments specialising in bakery products. These mixers are fitted with twin speed timers for extra production efficiency. All models are fitted with a stainless steel bowl, guard and spiral with a safety switch fitted to the bowl guard.

Finally, for bakeries and other outlets making small batches of fresh dough, the Fimar Spiral Dough Mixer is ideal. The mixer gently works the dough well giving a nice mix without raising the temperature. Available in different sizes, the bowl is fixed on all models except the 25C and 38C, where it is removable for easy cleaning.

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Retarder prover cabinets

To help bakers get the perfect bread with a golden finish, Cater-Bake stock retarder prover cabinets from Italian manufacturer, GEMM. Prover cabinets gently warm the dough in advance to ensure the perfect rise during baking and have a ‘cold stage’ for conservation and a ‘warm stage’ to facilitate proving. They can be programmed to control the proving cycle, setting the required temperature and relative humidity, which then helps to reduce overnight work and saves significantly on time and costs.

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To find out more about Cater-Bake’s wide range of bakery equipment, download our brochure from the download centre on our website. Alternatively, call us on 0151 548 5818 or email

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