Get summer ready with Cater-Bake!

As the weather is getting warmer, many catering establishments will take this opportunity to introduce a range of tasty dishes and refreshing beverages to their menu offering.

To help you prepare for summer and all of those thirsty customers, Cater-Bake have a range of beverage machines from bar blenders to milkshake makers made by Italian manufacturer, Fimar, which Cater-Bake is the sole UK supplier for.

We offer four different drinks prep equipment from Fimar; the BL Bar Blender, the FR Double Milkshake Machine, the FP Milkshake Maker and the DMB Milkshake Maker which are all capable of producing delicious cocktails, milkshakes, frappes and sorbets.

BL Bar Blenders

Cater-Bake stock four different Fimar bar blenders which all come with a two litre transparent cup. The BL020 model has a plastic body and a two speed motor with four stored programmes, whereas the BL020B has a chromed plastic body, a speed regulator and ‘pulse’ button. The BL021 model has a stainless steel body and also has a speed regulator and ‘pulse’ button, with the BL008 model having a power wattage of 1000. A silencer and spare stainless steel jug are also available to fit all models.

Fimar FR Double Milkshake Machines

For caterers looking for a large milkshake maker, Cater-Bake stock the Fimar FR2150I Double Milkshake Machine which has an aluminium alloy body and comes with a knife and mixing unit. With two containers and a cup capacity of 1.5 litres per cup, this is the largest model of the Fimar milkshake makers. Stainless steel or lexan cups are also available with this machine.

Fimar FP Milkshake Makers

The FP Milkshake Makers provide ease of use with the machine’s automatic start when the cup is attached. Made with an aluminium alloy body, this milkshake maker is available in four different models. The FP1I has one container and the FP2I has two, with both models having stainless steel cups. However, if plastic cups are preferred, Cater-Bake also stock the FP1P model which comes with a single polycarbonate container and the FP2P which has two polycarbonate containers. All cups have a capacity of 0.55 litres.

Fimar DMB Milkshake Makers

From the Fimar Easyline range is the DMB Milkshake Makers built with an aluminium body and stainless steel cup. Providing easy-use with its automatic start when the cup is attached, this machine is available from Cater-Bake in two different models; the DMB which has a single 0.8 litre stainless steel cup and the DMB20 which has two 0.8 litre cups.

To find out more on Cater-Bake’s range of drinks prep machines and how we can help you to get summer ready, get in touch with us today on 0151 548 5818 or email

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