Cater-Bake unveils CaterBase!

Cater-Bake are pleased to announce that we have recently developed a new showroom and cooking centre for chefs and bakers which is now open to the public!

CaterBase features a range of pizza and baking equipment from well-known manufacturers such as Zanolli, Fimar and Kingfisher which we stock, for guests to trial and experience how the equipment works.

Based at our headquarters, CaterBase includes Zanolli pizza ovens, the Zanolli pizza press, Fimar spiral mixers, Kingfisher prep counters and much more.

Developed so that chefs and bakers can try the equipment before making a purchasing decision, Cater-Bake are confident that it will encourage more foodservice professionals to consider choosing us when it comes to supplying high quality and reliable pizza and bakery equipment.

Steven Lilley, Head of Sales at Cater-Bake UK, said: “It is important that chefs and bakers have the right catering equipment which can meet the demands of their specific operation as well as their needs and requirements, which is why we decided to develop CaterBase.

“Chefs and bakers can visit CaterBase to find out about the range of equipment we offer and can see for themselves how it operates and the end result after baking has taken place.

“Cater-Bake is committed to providing a service for customers which is second to none, and we feel that developing CaterBase also lives up to the company’s positive reputation which has been built up over a number of years.

“We hope that chefs and bakers will take an interest in visiting CaterBase as it really will benefit them from seeing the equipment first hand so that they can decide on whether it is suitable for its purpose within their kitchen.”

For booking details at CaterBase, contact Steven Lilley at

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