Get the perfect bake with GEMM retarder provers!

Cater-Bake is pleased to stock retarder provers from Italian manufacturer, GEMM, which provide a range of dough proofer and heating cabinets.

Retarder provers are used during the baking process and gently warm the dough in advance to ensure the perfect rise is achieved during baking.

Producing breads that are fluffy on the inside and have a golden finish, the retarder provers from GEMM ensure that the product is ready for the oven at exactly the right time and work around a timed programme to fit in with the schedule of the bakery.

They can also be programmed to control the proving cycle, setting the required temperature and relative humidity for a perfect result every time. This then helps to reduce overnight work and saves the user time and costs.

As well as the strict timing programme, the GEMM retarder provers can easily control the cabinet humidity. The schedule is set up via a simple digital controller panel which ensures easy use meaning bakers can quickly set up the process with no hassle.

Using retarder provers by GEMM allows the product to be held at a cold temperature overnight (the cold stage) for conservation until the programme is switched to proving mode (the warm stage) due to the timed schedule set up in advance.

With the ability to set this automatically, this can save the baker having to switch the power on at an early time every morning.

The strict timing system of the units means that the product will not be over or under proved and the controlled humidity will ensure a quality finish on the product.

Made entirely from quality stainless steel with a pressed interior for easy cleaning and uniform air distribution, the GEMM retarder provers stocked by Cater-Bake are ideal for almost any catering establishment serving breads and baked goods.

To find out more, give us a call on 0151 548 5818.

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