Introducing the Fimar Spiral Dough Mixer

For catering operations looking for a dough mixer, look no further than the Fimar Spiral Dough Mixer.

This range of single speed mixers is ideal for bakeries, cafes or any other catering outlet that makes fresh dough.

Available in six different models; the 18/s which can hold 22 litres of mixture, the 25/s which can hold 32 litres, the 38/s which can hold 42 litres and the 50/s which can hold 62 litres, and are all available with a fixed bowl.

The 25/c and 38/c models however are available with a removable bowl, which provides for easy and quick cleaning.

The action of the mixer gently mixes the dough without raising the temperature of the mix, and the stainless steel mesh guard with safety switch ensures that the user is protected against any health and safety hazards.

Made from stainless steel, the mixer is built to a high quality standard meaning it is reliable and highly safe for use.

For those looking for a mixer with a different speed setting, the 50/s model also has a twin speed motor for faster mixing.

Ensure your dough is mixed to the perfect consistency and ready for baking with the Fimar Spiral Dough Mixer.

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