Introducing the Zanolli Lilliput Convection Oven

The Zanolli Lilliput Convection Oven is perfect for any catering establishment from snack bar to supermarket serving savoury or sweet snacks.

Ideal for baking croissants, cakes, pizzas, pastries and bread, the oven has many beneficial features including halogen lamps for an easy view of food, a timer and a high quality thermostat.

The oven is also equipped with an automatic system for the reversal of ventilation, allowing for perfectly even baking results.

The baking chamber inside the oven has been specifically designed with rounded corners to ensure quick and easy cleaning, and there is also the addition of a steam injection unit.

Built from high quality stainless steel, the oven has an attractive design and compact dimensions, with a side mounted door for easy access.

With its simple to use controls and high standard of technology, the Zanolli Lilliput Convection Oven allows for professional baking quality every time and will fit conveniently in your kitchen.

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