Gear Up For Summer with Fimar

Summer is fast approaching, which means busier bars and restaurants filled with customers enjoying a nice, cold drink on a hot day with friends and family.

Offering customers a ‘summer alternative’ drink can be good for business and mixes your menu style up which gives customers a reason to visit your catering or bar operation, particularly on a hot day when customers want a drink that will cool them down.

To ensure you are catering for those thirsty customers who visit your bar, cafe or restaurant, it is important to consider purchasing the right beverage machine before the warm weather arrives.

If you haven’t already considered equipment by Fimar, then now is definitely the time to do so, as they offer a wide range of drinks prep equipment including blenders and milkshake makers, which are ideal for the upcoming summer months.

At CaterBake, we offer three different milkshake makers by Fimar; the FR Double Milkshake Machine, the FP Milkshake Makers, the DMB Milkshake Makers, and the BL Bar Blenders.

The FR Double Milkshake Machine is perfect for large catering or bar operations in which cold beverages are popular, being the largest of the Fimar milkshake makers we offer.

For something that is easily adaptable, the FP Milkshake Makers are ideal for this and are part of a premium range that come as either a single or double unit and automatically start when the cup is attached, similar to the DMB Milkshake Makers.

If you’re looking for a high quality bar blender, then look no further than the BL Bar Blenders, which are perfect for any bar, milkshake establishment or restaurant.

All of Fimar’s beverage machines are able to cater for your requirements and have the ability to produce not only milkshakes but cocktails, frappes, smoothies, sorbets and much more.

Made from only the highest quality materials, Fimar’s beverage equipment is reliable and will suit any catering or bar operation with their sleek and professional look.

If you are interested in finding out more information on Fimar’s drinks prep equipment, call CaterBake today on 0151 548 5818 where one of our team will be happy to discuss this further with you, or check out our main website.

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