Zanolli Turns 65!

Leading Italian catering equipment manufacturer, Zanolli, are celebrating their 65th anniversary in the business this year.

Widely known for producing pizza and bakery ovens, Zanolli also make kneaders, mixers and pastry ovens, and are sold only through bakery and catering equipment supplier, Cater-Bake, in the UK.

Being a family run business, Zanolli have been creating high quality, reliable products for 65 years and are proud to offer only the best in Italian based catering equipment.

Founded in 1952 by Giovanni Zanolli, the business firstly launched the Electropizza, their very first electric pizza oven which soon became a success, and allowed the business to expand on their products and create a whole range of pizza and bakery equipment.

Due to the company’s growing success in Italy, they soon expanded into the European markets with their high quality ‘Made in Italy’ products.

This then enabled Zanolli to create the Teorema, the first Italian stackable modular oven to meet the needs of its clients and the Synthesis, the first Italian ventilated tunnel oven.

Due to their success and reputation of being one of the leading pizza, bread and pastry equipment manufacturers in Europe, their design and production workshops have moved to Sommacampagna and Villafranca in Verona in recent years.

In the UK, Cater-Bake are the sole supplier of Zanolli equipment, including a range of gas and electric pizza ovens and bakery ovens, which have been manufactured to suit a wide range of catering and kitchen operator requirements.

Steven Lilley, Head of Sales at Cater-Bake, said: “Zanolli’s products have proven extremely popular among our customers for many years, and have received many positive reviews and good feedback from catering companies alike.

“We would like to congratulate Zanolli on 65 years in the industry, and we wish them many more happy, successful years in the business.”

Cater-Bake provide both gas and electric Zanolli pizza ovens, pizza presses and bakery ovens on their website and in their catalogue.

To find out more information about the Zanolli equipment sold by Cater-Bake, visit or call 0151 548 5818. Alternatively, for any inquiries or questions you may have, email

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