Zanolli Deck Ovens Now Available

Deck ovens are great for cooking large quantities of food at a time, and are ideal for restaurants and pizzerias producing authentic Italian cuisine.

At Cater-Bake we offer a wide range of deck ovens from leading Italian manufacturer, Zanolli, meaning you can find the perfect one to suit your restaurant’s requirements. 

Check out our selection below for more information.

Zanolli Citizen Gas and Electric Pizza Oven

If it’s easy to use, no hassle deck ovens you’re looking for, look no further than this range of high quality, stainless steel pizza ovens which come in gas and electric.

Available in two sizes with spring-mounted doors and heat resistant handles, the Citizen 6 oven can fit six 12-inch pizzas on each deck and the Citizen 9 model holds nine 12-inch pizzas per deck.

The oven is made from a specialised refractory stone, meaning pizzas can be baked in pans or without, and is built with large viewing windows and inside light, allowing you to check your pizzas without having to open the door and allowing heat to escape.

A decorative hood with a draft chimney is also available with this oven, and heavy duty stands and prover cabinets with wheels are also available to mount the ovens on to.

If you’re wanting to cook an even larger amount of pizzas, the oven can be turned into a three deck oven using a twin deck and a single modular deck oven, allowing even more pizzas to be cooked at once.

Zanolli EP70 Electric Pizza Oven

Ideal for a small takeaway or restaurant, this high quality, compact built oven can fit four 12-inch pizzas pans on each deck, or four 13-inch pizzas without pans, and is built with refractory stone on the inside.

Made from stainless steel, the oven has independent decks and each has a top and bottom heat controlled thermostat. With spring-fitted doors for easy opening, the ovens have a viewing window and internal light so you can easily check on your pizzas at any time.

There is also a stand available for the oven if needed, meaning this is the perfect compact sized oven where space is at a minimum.

Zanolli Teorema Polis – Bakery Oven

This durable stainless steel bakery oven includes easy to use controls and is fitted with metal baking floors or refractory stone allowing you to cook with trays or without. 

These ovens are available with high crown and low crown baking chambers depending on the product being cooked. They can also be purchased as a single unit or can be stacked two, three or four units high.

Perfect for Italian restaurants, this bakery oven has been designed to meet all production demands, allowing you to cook food to a high quality standard.

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