Introducing the Kebab King

Ideal for establishments looking to serve up the delicious, takeaway classic, the brand new Kebab King from Cater-Bake fantastic cooking results.

Here at Cater-Bake, we are proud of our impressive range of pizza and bakery ovens and food preparation equipment, and are now pleased to reveal the latest product available in our catalogue.

The Kebab King grill is a full, stainless steel construction which comes with a 72cm meat skewer and is equipped with four independently controlled burners to ensure an efficient and effective cooking procedure. Each burner is fitted with a safety thermocouple. 

Weighing in at 40kg and utilising 40kW of energy, the Kebab King is built with ease of use in mind, with an easy-slide burner unit allowing the user to adjust the cooking, as well as a compressed non-leak base pan to keep work areas clean.

Product cleaning is simple too and just requires a straightforward disassembly of equipment to wash away any build up of dirt and grease, ensuring that the grill is well maintained.  

Cater-Bake’s Head of Sales, Steven Lilley, said: “We’re extremely pleased to reveal the Kebab King grill, it’s a fantastic addition to our product range and is perfect for those restaurants serving traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and takeaways who sell the much-loved kebab.

“The grill, which comes a one year warranty, is available now so make sure you give us a call on 0151 548 5818 to find out more or to place your order.”

Cater-Bake are also the sole UK supplier of quality Italian brands Zanolli and Fimar and also supply products from other leading manufacturers.

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