A Brand New Fimar Brochure

As the only supplier of Fimar in the UK, Cater-Bake are pleased to unveil the new Fimar brochure where you can view the brand’s latest list of products. 

Known for for their extensive selection of pizza, bakery and catering equipment, Cater-Bake are one of the UK’s leading providers of food production equipment, supplying products from a range of quality Italian manufacturers. 

Fimar have a history of delivering convenient and reliable products which have been expertly designed to boost the operation of end-users who seek to provide their customers with an authentic Italian experience. 

This new brochure was created in conjunction with Cater-Bake, who as Fimar’s sole UK agents, are able to provide the UK market with their impressive selection of equipment.

The brochure features some of Fimar’s best-selling equipment, as well as a range of food preparation equipment, new products and much more. 

Within the brochure you will find Fimar’s impressive pasta machine, which has been manufactured to mix and mould egg pasta into a variety of different shapes, ensuring that pasta is produced fresh and to the quality you need.

The brochure also lists equipment including milkshake makers, bar blenders, electric crepe makers, vegetable cutters, pizza ovens and more. 

To view the new Fimar brochure, visit cater-bake.co.uk/downloads/fimar-brochure-november-2017/ or if you have any questions, call the team on 0151 548 5818.

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