Cater-Bake Enlist In Secret Fast Food Mission

Big things are happening at Cater-Bake. They’re currently assisting an America fast food giant with the top secret task of trialling delivery services in the UK.

The popular fast food chain are wanting to keep their delivery trial under wraps as they test it out across the UK, but Cater-Bake are in the loop and will be helping them with their venture. 

Cater-Bake are supplying the brand with the Thermal Food Delivery Bags and Heated Delivery System by Cater Bag to ensure that the fast food is kept at the right temperature when staff are out delivering to customers. 

The Thermal Food Delivery Bags were developed by Cater-Bake as an ideal product for restaurants and fast food venues which provide takeaway and delivery services to their customers.

These innovative bags, which include their own charger to maintain power, include ISO Thermo technology which allow food to maintain a temperature of 85c.

If the bag hasn’t been charged before delivery it’s not a problem either, each bag includes its own heated pad and car adapter, allowing it to be charged on the move and during the delivery process. 

For keeping food piping hot, from restaurant to customer, the Thermal Food Delivery Bags by Cater-Bake is an essential.

To find out more about these bags or any of the products available from Cater-Bake, give the team a call on 0151 548 5818.

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